Make it yours:

Per day / Weekend / Month / 6 months.

And remember electricity and the first gas tank is on us.


Pool to campus and back home:

You can pay for your rent by taking your friends to University and Back Home, we coordinate and schedule it all for you. Or you can media it yourself!

You can pay for your rent by taking your nearby friends to campus and back home.


Drive to make money:

Through our App, Uber or Lyft you are free to Make Money out of your Black Rated Car, up to $2.50 per Mile!

Make Good Money to Pay for your Car and Studies.


SeveralPoint A to point B transportation:

When you are not with you can request transportation from point A to point B so your Friends will drive you Anywhere you want!

We will Drive You Anywhere!

Clean / sustainable / powered on us at no cost to you:

We only drive ecological cars which give up to 200 miles per gallon, or 2 usd per electricity charge every 110 miles in 100 % electrical.

  • What makes us different: That we have the best version of the most ecological and money saving cars in the market, at the lowest price and we only serve students and military. . Read More
  • Ford Fussion Energy I Titanium and Nissan Leaf SL / Looks and mileageWe give you more for less, our cars are top of the line, including all the newest technology, comfort, design and luxury for the lowest price.. Read More
  • We help you moving to get there.We help you moving to get there Read More
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